Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Challenge Continued

Well, we got the answer from president and he is not going to be able to interview "J" until January. That's not too far away at least. Plus the extra time will let extra preparation and conversion happen, and we will be able to work with her family a little bit more. So it's all for the better in the end. 

This week was fairly better than last week. I was at least feeling better (mentally not physically that's a whole other story). We are working with "M" (a new M) and things have been going pretty well. She has several beliefs that are right in line with ours. It's pretty funny because she asks us a question and waits for the answer and then is like  "oh that's what I read in the bible as well. awesome". So it is kind of funny. Her most recent question was about the Virgin Mary. We told her that we respect and honor her as the mother of Jesus, but that we do not adore her. I was a little worried because normally that question is followed by stories in that the Virgin helped the person. However, to my surprise. She was like " oh, that's good because it seems like God doesn't like it much when we adore others or images". She has a ton of faith and we asked her if she would prepare herself for baptism. She didnt want to commit to a date or anything because she has a lot of questions about the Priesthood and doesnt want to be baptized by someone corrupt or who is only worthy on Sundays at church. She said that she didn't know if God`s power could really be on earth and also she didn't know how she would able to identify it. We told her that she would need to come to church and get to know some of the preisthood members. We explained that God makes use of regular, but worthy,  men to bless us all. This past Sunday, she was traveling to Antofagasta, but she commited to come to church this up coming Sunday. We are super excited. The cutest part of the lesson was the end. She said the closing prayer and started with "Dear Heavenly Father". I was super happy because it shows that she is changing and probably studying the pamphlets. At the end, however she just said "amen" and finished, so then I was like ok maybe she wasnt studying hahaha. However, she then said " wait, I forgot `in the name of Jesus Christ`. I cheered silently:)

Louie at church:)
This wasnt part of the challenge, but I think it wins for creepiest Christmas. Louie even got scared!
This was definitely the coolest display we have seen yet. Unfortunately you cant see the awesome lights in full effect. But the trees twinkle in cute pastels. They are seriously beautiful..Also your questions about Christmas traditions here: so normally with lights..... a ton of houses have lights outside on their house. They are even some reindeer and santas. However, the normal lights are normally bright and flashy. The more its hurts to look the better. It is super funny. I find the US is much more romantic and classy when it comes to outside decor. The trees are also super fun here. They will strand like 6 different types of lights on these babies (again sunglasses needed to look at them). 

Apparently as well, the majority of their Christmas takes place on Christmas eve. They have a big dinner with the family and such, but then open all of the gifts at midnight. I am still confused about when Santa comes if the kids never go to sleep, but he makes it work. 

There is also a traditional holiday drink here I think equivalent to our eggnog, but its coffee with milk, sugar, vanilla, and then some other flavoring called "cola de mono" (monkey tail). It is traditionally served with alcohol, but can also be made without. Plus they have a coffee substitute here called Eco that is made out of wheat, so they also make mormon cola de mono.
Louie with H and Y. They are some recent converts that we had Family Home Evening with this week. They are definitely hilarious. Y is from Colombia and H is from Venezuela. They are always trying to get us to learn their dances and music and such. Now, I have the desire to go to Colombia:)
For the FHE we created manger scenes with waffers and marshmallows. I would say this is the best decorated house (or manger hahaha)
Well, i got a little behind on the challenge this week, but there will be more coming. I love you guys:)

Hna Biggs

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