Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Challenge!

Its been a hard week really, but I will just have to keep pushing through. We are hoping for some Christmas miracles since during this time people are more receptive to Jesus Christ. You guys have probably heard about the "He is the Gift" video. The church is doing huge stuff here in Chile with it too. On Sunday the 7th the church bought out the head title of youtube (just like in the states i think), and we have been given a million pass along cards to give out. We showed the video at church and are inviting the members to give the cards to their friends. Plus, we are doing more street contacts than ever. Hna. Crum and I are in all out war to give out more cards each day. Its a lot of fun. In addition, we have met a lot of people and have a few return dates for this week. We are also hoping to go to the ferria next sunday after church and set up a little stand to get people interested and invite them to come to church for Christmas Sunday. I think we are going to see great results:)

So Louie had some interesting adventures this week. Unfortunately he is not in half of these pictures because I hadnt made him yet, but the events were too great I couldnt help but snap pictures.

So Louie´s first big adventure was our walk to the waterfall. We have been told that it was a meter tall, but still I thought it would be fun to see some life in the desert, so we set out.. 

We got mildly distracted by the llamas and donkeys. 

The first cow I have seen in the mission! Right after this we started debating if the sign was correct that said that the waterfall was 4 km away. 

We thought this might be it, and Hna Crum was ready to turn around:)

Then we saw the waterfalls! They were actually way cooler than we had imagined, but also further away. 

I have some more pictures, but Ill spare the storage space in the email.  Here are some requests from the holiday challenge. 

Our family celebrates the 24 days of Christmas with a little treat each day.  Because we are unable to mail a treat each day to Emilee in Chile we asked her to give us a daily treat.  We first challenged her to make a replica of our Elf on the Shelf  "Louie" and then each day complete one of our photo challenges with Louie in the picture.  Here are the first results of our challenge!  

Morning Hair: We call this the elf hat. it works great for the oil treatments I do about twice a weeks:) Hna Crum obviously didnt want part in this pic at 7 am.

Something weird that we ate: I didnt take an after photo but we made avocado ice cream. It was surprisingly good, but we had to fashion our trash can into an ice cream maker and roll it across the floor forever:)

Something unusual: Jello slurping races

Another something unusaual that we saw this week,  Louie wasn't there though. It's one of the religious dances that they do here during carnival and for the Virgin Mary. Its called caporal and its the most popular. Last Febuary I knew four people on this same team that competed, so it was awesome to see the dance. 

 And... finally the wash and wear skirt.

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