Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gourmet Sins

  Bueno I dont have much time today because we had to go a buy a crazy huge closet and got trapped waiting in ¨Lider¨(literally the same store as Walmart) forever. I didnt realize how big on customer service I was until today haha. It was terrible, but then we got together with some other sisters and went out for lunch at Gourmet Sins. A little ironic that 6 sisternaries wanted to go to gourmet sins, but the hamburgers were amazing.

  Good news! "J" has still been living the word of wisdom and should be getting baptized next Saturday! This week we have to arrange the interview and then we will be in the home stretch. She has been doing really well, and says that she no longer has a desire to smoke or drink! We have also gotten a lot closer to her family which is a huge miracle! Her younger brother even came to church on Sunday all by himself. He just stayed for the first hour and then part of young mens, but it was great. Her aunt has also been receptive although she says she is not. 
 We met another great investigator whose name is "D". She is the cousin of one of the converts and started attending church when her house burned down.  She knew that the Mormon church had helped her cousin leave drugs and alcohol, so she asked for help with her house. A few weeks has passed and she found a new apartment to rent while she tries to figure everything out and its in our sector. She really feels that our church is going to help her accomplish her goals of getting closer to Heavenly Father and Christ. The lesson we had was really great. She had some questions, and we all felt the spirit. The only thing is that she has decided that she wants to basically be a nun,  but in our church!! We were a little shocked since thats not something you normally hear, but thats what she wants. We quickly explained the importance of the family, but she wanted us to study the bible and see if we could find somthing that talked about being a wife of God or something like that. We both couldnt think of any place in the bible that talks about that, but we are preparing a lesson so that she understands how she can accomplish her goal (we suppose is) of returning to live with God. It was definitely a funny request and we asked the other sisters about it. They said we could say that Mormon nuns are sister missionaries hahaha. Not such a bad idea:) Anyways, we are excited to be meeting with "D" and hope things continue to go well. 

Well thats all we have time for today! I love you guys so much!

Hna Biggs

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