Monday, December 22, 2014

Split it. Like a banana. In half. Break yourself in the process.

Well, I figure I will be seeing you guys in a few short days, so I will make this email short so we can chat it up on Thursday.

"M" wasn't able to come to church on Sunday,  not because she is busy,  but because she is moving to Antofagasta. Oppostition is not really that fun, but hopefully the missionaries in her new sector can get to her as well. The governement strike ended though so "M.T." can go and get her divorce done. That is a blessing! She still has her baptismal date for May:) 

Hna Crum and I had our ward Christmas activity this week. It ended up being great, although at the start we were a little worried. We wanted to have a fun gift exchange and told everyone to bring a gift that was 4 dollars or less. Well, I guess they didnt understand those instructions, even though we explained a million times how to play. People were still asking who they needed to bring a gift for and what would happen if they all brought a gift for the same person. We explained all could be used as back up gifts. We spent a lot of the day decorating the chapel and in the end about 35 people came. Several did not bring gifts, which was a huge concern at first, but with our extra gifts and the extra gifts from the bishop we were perfect! It was a ton of fun and the ward really got into it. We also had four investigators show up, so it was an overall Christmas  success!

By the way, I love the family pictures. They are adorable. Ivory is really getting tall and Jett looks like a little chubbster. 

 SO, we had tranfers last Saturday, and of course I am staying with Hna Crum to finish up training, but guess what???? My other hijita got transfered into our sector in Calama!!!! She is actually in Ticapilla which is like 2 and a half hours away, but its still the Calama zone. This Saturday we had Christmas confernece with the mission president and it was like a family reunion hahaha. Cant you see the resemblance??

Christmas Challenge Continued...

Coolest Rock:

So Louie is not in this picture, but I figure it still counts. This is the train that transports all of the purified cooper ( coolest rock obviously:). Its a little blurry but those are stacks of cooper plats. Each stack has 7 plates and each plate weighs about 1000lbs. The cooper is also 99.8 % pure (if I remember correctly). This train rolls through the sector about 5 times a day carrying all of these platese. After taking the picture we left coins on the tracks to have a smashed penny effect when the next train passed. It totally worked!

Favorite transportation:

The Tur-Bus,  official Mormon transport:) I especially love the buses because theyre double deckers. The best seat is the front row on the top. You feel like you are going to crash all of the time, but you have an awesome view and more leg space. 

Favorite Exercise hahah. P90X all the way lol:) Also you can see our lovely apartment in the background!
I love you guys. Have a Merry Christmas!

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