Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Add Professional Tire Changer To The Resume!

Well this week we didnt have much change in luck, but it was still a fun week. We had zone conference Tuesday and then we spent the night in Copiapo for our interchanges? (Is that what they are called?). It was a lot of fun to work in a different sector for a day. I got to learn from having a different companion, but I am always amazed at how much I grow to love the people we visit. I am with them for an hour, but I start to feel like they are my investigators or less actives. I think that when you are helping people come closer to God, that you develop ties much quicker. 

On Wednesday, we went to visit one of our less active members in the hospital in Copiapo. She had been there for over a month to have a tumor removed. She was so happy to see us, and we were grateful that they let us in to visit. She returned to Caldera on Saturday and says she is feeling much better. 

We had a lot of energy and excitement to be back in our own sector and working together. We prayed that we would be able to find new people to teach because all of investigators are fading away. We decided to do even more street contacts. I remember the first two weeks when I arrived in Caldera I went street contact crazy looking for new investigators and out of all of the people I talked to I never received one address! We've kept obviously doing contacts since then, but not as crazily. Nonetheless this week we had great success. Out of all of the contacts we did about 1 in every 5 didnt want to hear more, so we were in the clouds with future invesitgators. Hopefully this week we will be able to have some great appointments. 

For Pday today 4 hermanas from Copiapo came to Caldera to visit Bahia Inglesa. We thought that we should travel in style and asked our favorite members if they could take us in their car. They recently bought the car and were super exxcited. We wanted to go to the lighthouse first to show the hermanas and then to the beach, but when we took the road there was the same protest happening when my companion and I had gone three weeks earlier. The protests had stoped but it looks like they are at it again. (Shellfish fishers against a mining company). However, the family that took us wanted to go the back way by a dirt road. To make a long story short after a lot of rock hoping and sand we made it to the lighthouse, but when we got out of the car we realized that a tire was rather slowly leaking air. 

The husband said that we should go look at the lighthouse and that he would change the tire, but after taking a quick tour of the lighthouse and talking to his wife, it appeared that he may not know how to change a tire. I remembered the time that I had knocked the tire off the rim in front of the piano teachers house and dad taught me how to change the tire, so I went to help. Good thing I had learned because he was really unsure of how to go about changing a tire. In the end, although the family didnt want a flat tire, they said that everything worked out because had it happened when they were alone that wouldnt have known what to do. Everyone was pretty impressed with my skills:) Put the jack on the frame of the car not a plastic part, tighten all of the bolts a little bit first and then retighten so that the tire is balanced and straight all of the little tricks ( at least I think it was all of the tricks, the tire didnt fall off or anything:) Thanks Dad!

 love you guys and hope you have a great week. Good luck with the shows and busy schedules!

Hermana Biggs

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