Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Gringa's Preaching The Gospel!

This week went well. We are still working with V and have been talking about eternal marriage. She is really interested, but her boyfriend doesnt seem to be moving his feet too quickly. However, we were able to have our first lesson with him yesterday. (He works a lot, but we finally caught them together). We shared the first vision movie; he liked it and wants a copy for the house, but he continued to say that he wasnt interested in changing. On the bright side, he is really supportive of V, so we still have a lot of hope and faith.

My new companion is Hermana King from Idaho. She lived for three years in Mesa while attending MCC so we know a lot of the same places and such. Its a little different having a gringa companion because she likes to talk in English, so now the languages are getting mixed up again. However, she is really loving and great and we are having a good time getting to know Caldera again. 

​ As you can tell, she is a lot more gringa than I am,so for once all of the horn honking and whistles and comments are not directed at me:) Some people even think I am Latin, so I am happy. However, it seems that the whiter and blonder you are the louder the comments get because the people are not at all embarrassed to be like "Wow you guys are so goregous" or " You're the most beautiful thing". It is super funny what they say to her, but we just laugh and keep walking.  We are on the hunt for more investigators as always here in Caldera, but we are focusing on finding a family that can progress together. Hopefully we will have great success in this transfer.  

I love you guys and hope you have another great week. Happy birthday Ivory! I hope you enjoyed your cupcake party and your 11th year! You are getting so grown up already. I love you:)

Hermana Biggs

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