Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Miracle!

 This past week went by really fast, and I assume this week will be the same. The 18th of September is Independence Day for Chile and everyone is getting ready for the celebrations. There are parades and folk music and dance and a ton of empanadas. Lots of people have come to our little city for the week, but all of the people from Caldera have left, so it's going to be difficult for lessons, but it's fun to see the city full of so much life. 

We had a big miracle this week! I was so excited! We had fasted last week for our investigators to attend church. Only once in 3 months had we had one of our investigators there for Sunday, so we thought it was just to ask for church attendance for the three remaining Sundays of the transfer.

I was a little disappointed when the day of the fast, nobody came to church. The elders in the branch had two youth, but again we were sitting alone. We prayed all week that we would be able to find someone to go with us. We didn't care if it was an old investigator or someone new or even someone who just happened to wander into the chapel on Sunday. We wanted attendance.

We worked all week to invite people, but it looked complicated because of the holiday. However, we couldn't lose hope. Saturday night we called to remind people and no one answered the phone. Not a good sign. Sunday morning I started making calls a little earlier than usual to give enough time for the people to shower and what not. We really wanted our new investigator "V" to come since she was excited about the topic of baptism, but in the two attempts to call her she didn't answer. It was soon 9:15 (45 minutes before church starts) and I was feeling down thinking that the majority of the people we had called couldnt go. 

However, at the last minute, I decided that we should go and visit "V"to see if she was awake. With 45 minutes we could have time to help her get ready and then take a taxi to the chapel. We arrived outside of her house and I admit I felt like we were taking a shot in the dark. However, to our surprise, she answered the door immediately and was wearing a skirt! She was excited to go to church and brought two of her young children. We were so surprised and felt so blessed. A member that had accompanied us to one of the lessons was there to welcome her, and "V" knew two other members as well. It was perfect. We were so grateful to see that our fasting and prayers had been answered. 

Yesterday, we had a great conference and I learned so much. It was awesome! We are going to be working much smarter now!

I love you guys so much and will talk to you next week. We will see where the transfer takes us. 

Hermana Biggs

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