Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Emilee!

Thank you for all of the birthday videos! They were so cute. I especially love the Aspen one because she is upside down. "Hello Im Aspen!" They are all cute and I have put them on my memory card for safe keeping. 

Sounds like little miracles are always happening for you guys and I am so grateful. Great job on all of the projects for the show. Sounds like it was a huge success. When is the next show? This is show season isnt it?

We got our new transfers on Saturday and Hna. Palomino is going to ChaƱral and I am staying in Caldera with my new companion Hna King. I met her a few times because she came with my hijita and was serving in Arica, but she arrives in Caldera tomorrow. I think she is going to be great. 

We are sad to see Hna Palomino leaving Caldera. She has been here for six months and although we have had our days, I am going to miss her. In the end we are great friends and I learned to love her. We had such a fun time together; hopefully my new companion will mean even more great experiences. 

This week we had a really great miracle with "V". We went to visit her on Saturday, and she had read her assignment in the Book of Mormon. Even better was that her 9 year old son had also read and loved it. They began telling us all that had happened in the chapter and we were able to show them how some of the principles apply to us today.

Before starting the planned lesson, we asked "V" if she had taken the opportunity to pray to know if our message and the Book of Mormon were true. Surprisingly, she responded with a resounding yes! She had knelt down to pray two days earlier! Now I was super happy and surprised because 9 times out of 10 the people forget, but I was happy. The only worry I had was that she hadn't felt an answer. However, and to my surprise, she  had! she felt calm and a happiness in her heart after the prayer. It was warm. She told us, "I know the Book of Mormon is true". 

It was amazing. Seeing as I havent had as much success on my mission as I would like to have, I had never heard  an investigator describe their experience like that. I was overwhelmed with joy and with the spirit. These are the grand joys that make the hard work and long days worth it. I felt so revived after the lesson and with a renewed desire to keep teaching and working with my all. 

I have learned in the past few months how to work smarter and how the gospel really blesses our lives. I have learned the importance of the Spirit, and have tried to rely on it to teach those basic principles that change and bless us. I was so excited with "V" and cant wait to start up the next transfer. 

I love you all and hope this week is a little more relaxed:)

Hermana Biggs

Orbical rocks that fell from space and landed in one of the beaches in Caldera. They only exist in Caldera and some place in Australia. I was touching something "out of this world"

One of the farewells of my companion with Maggie and Marcos, two investgiators.
We went to the lighthouse again and this time the gate was broken! after the long journey we had made on foot a few weeks ago, of course I had to take advantage and actually touch the lighthouse:)

PS. Im feeling 22uu:) Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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