Monday, August 27, 2012

Craziness.... Help please!

 I firmly believe that I am slowly going crazy in my host home. I had requested to live in a family that has children since I love kids so much, and I also did not want to get stuck with old, boring people. I was super thrilled to learn that my family had three children ages 12, 5, and 3.

 However, joining this family might have been a huge mistake. The children are constantly hitting each other, yelling, and crying about everything. They do things that seem so rude and disrespectful to each other such as a slap in the face as someone is walking by or ripping items out of each other´s hands. They have no respect for anything wether it is theirs or someone elses. The whining is nonstop, and if something is denied to them, screams and crying follows. Ironically, I am not just talking about the youngest two children. The oldest has the same problems. He is even worse though because on top of all this he is lazy, selfish, and decieving. Like a typical preteen he wants the rights of being grown-up but none of the responsibility.

The mom seems more concerned with rising chldren that obey commands than children that have respect. She is constantly yelling at them to sit up straight, eat correctly, not get dirty, and keep the house in order. However, she seems unconcerned when they are tackling, beating, and teasing.

I can not seem to find peace anywhere. The instant I leave my room, I am begged to play or dance, which I love to do just not all day, everyday. If I say no, the cries and screams begin. Even if I do dance and play for a bit and then need a break whining commences. I find myself more and more taking refuge in my room, blasting my Ipod to drone out the noise.

 Several times I have considered asking for a new host home, but I somehow feel that I could bring more love and peace to this family. Although, I am stumped concerning what I should do to help. The whole problem is so multifaceted leaving me in the dark. Do I just show as much love (which lacks in the family) as possible and hope they catch on? (This is what I have attempting to do already) Or do I start laying down the law and punishing rudeness? I have no idea. Also, I do not want to outstep my limits as a guest in the home by appearing to replace the mom with punishments, but I do not know that I can last much longer just sitting and watching.

I am only nineteen and have no children of my own, so I guess I am calling on all the moms that have raised sucessful families to help me. What should I do?????

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