Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nica Sexy

So in fear that my new diet of rice, beans, and some form of fried food might eventually catch up to me, I decided to try the local gym. Its right down the street from my school, and many people said it was a great place. I severely lack in concentration while exercising, so I knew my only hope was to attend the fitness classes. Some friends said that they were going to zumba, so I decided to tag along.

I had previously gone to a couple zumba classes in Arizona at the Mesa Multigenerational Center. Although the title hints that the center is for all ages, it mainly attracts older women. However, I had a great time at the zumba classes, learning short salsa steps and trying to keep rythem. Since the students in the class had an average age of 57, the steps were basic and slow paced. I did, however still get a pretty good workout.

I expected to attend a Nicaraguan zumba class that resembled my prior experiences, but boy was i wrong!!

This class was choreographed to mainly Pitbull hits and other high energy artists. The music was accompanied by many pelvic thrusts, seductive body rolls, and the frequent butt shake! I felt like I belonged in a gentlemens club, not a salsa competition. With the quick paced movements, I became drenched in sweat after two songs.

The other students acted as though this was perfectly normal for zumba. Clearly, these moves came much more naturally to them as I watched many of them executed the dances with perfection. However, many times I had to stop myself from laughing as I looked at the "sexy" faces they were making in mirror during the songs. But honestly sexy just seemed ingrained in their culture. It was normal for them. I, however, just shyly managed to survive (and embarrass myself) till the end.

Although I was often confused (and honestly felt a little dirty with some of the moves) I had a blast. It was a lot different than what I expected but still fun. I guess over the next couple of months, as I attend zumba,  I will be working to master these  flirtatous moves.  Who knows, maybe by the end I will be Nica Sexy!

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  1. From what I hear zumba in the states leans more towards what you are experiencing there vs the Multigenerational Center in Mesa. Keep up the good work and maybe you can become an instructor when you come back. You can show everyone how the Nicas do it!