Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Month Down!

As of today I have been living in Nicaragua for ONE WHOLE MONTH! I think I am definitely still in transition mode because I cannot honestly say that I have enjoyed all of my time here. It has been a drastic change from my regular lifestyle, and unlike my trip to Germany, the changes here have not all been easily welcomed.  I have learned and have learned to adapt so much though. Here are some examples.....

  • I now love cold showers mainly because they wake me up for my early classes. 
  • I now can keep a straight face while cat calls are being made from every direction.
  • I love gallopinto!
  • I learned to raise my voice to let the bus drive know I want to stop. 
  • I can hail a taxi.... no problemo
  • I can be strong even when I am all by myself. 
  • I understand about 65% of what everyone says to me.
  • My eyes have been opened to the less than humble circumstances that many people live in. 
  • I have a deeper understanding of family relations.
  • And I want to do something in my life to help little innocent children. I have heard too many sad stories, its time to take action.
Time has gone by so fast here, and I only have three months left. Thank you for all the support. I am sure I will be learning so much more as time persists. 

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