Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Its the middle of my second week at La Universidad Americana de Managua and I am loving attending school. First, I know that I have a better chance of actually going to class and being prepared because the teachers really hold you reliable. Also, its one place where I can count on air conditioning!! Apparently, this is the first year that all of the classrooms in the university have had AC, and I am definitely glad. Normally between class periods, I am desperately trying to find a cold room to relax in. In addition, another reason I am glad to be going to school here is the CUSE program.

CUSE stands for College of University Studies in English. An entire section of this university is all English speaking faculty and students. I have a couple classes, fortunately, in this college, and it is great. Instead of feeling behind and confused, I get a break and get to feel smart again simply because I can speak English fluently. The CUSE students are wonderfully helpful too since most want to improve their English. So of course I and other students usually end up in a bilingual conversation, myself speaking (attempting) Spanish and the them English.

The students are wonderful and they have such great ideas. I really see them trying to make a difference in their country. For instance, they have a recycling inciative that is just beginning. In a country that cannot seem to find a garbage can and therefore assumes that everywhere is a good place for trash, its nice to see a  group that is unhappy about the filth and is striving to change the circumstance. Also, the students started Bibloko, an organization that writes and publishes stories online for young students to read. This project is also trying to get more computers into local public schools.

I really feel that I am surrounded by future leaders. The activities that these students are doing are incredible. I can really see the potential that even young college students posses and its amazing!

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