Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pictures Finally

So yesterday I hit different mall, Metrocentral, and invested in a card reader. Somehow that idea took a couple weeks to cross my mind. Nonetheless, I can now upload the few pictures I have taken. I am still debating wether to invest in a small cheap camera  since the one I have is too large to be consealed. Any Any thoughts?

Here is my new, Nicaraguan home!
The dining and living room. The door on the far wall is the front door.
This is the kitchen. The stove to the left is power by a propane tank that has to be refilled every now and again. There are companies that will deliver full tanks to your house, like water companies in the States.

Here is my room!
 There are also two other bedrooms and two bathrooms that I did not take pictures of. Did not want to be intrusive.

This is a giant butterfly that landed in the living. It was huge! So huge that I was afraid to put my hand by it to show a scale of its size.
 Sorry for the tilted picture. The school computers do not have any editing programs for me to rotate, but this is a bag of strawberry milk, yummm. Several products are sold in bags like water, milk (chocolate, strawberry, and just plain milk), and sour cream. I bought this half liter for 9 cordovas (about 40 US cents) at the local venta or street store.

 Last Thursday was my host mom´s birthday so me and two other host moms threw a small surprise party! Here are some pics.
This is me with my Nica family.

This is Eliza, she is sooo adorable. She loves taking pictures and has many poses.

Here´s Eliza again with two of the other exchange students.

and finally a group picture. The two other moms are in this one. 

Overall the party was a success! We had great food made by the moms and I made a little cake. It was lots of fun!

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  1. Awesome! I was wondering just the other day what your house looked like. Sounds like you are having fun! Can't wait to see/hear more! Love you!