Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bike Ride Around Downtown

It was finally warm enough to take the bike out for a short ride. I love going to downtown Flagstaff. It is gorgeous and so close to campus. I got to visit some of my favorite locations and had a lot of fun, but I cannot wait until spring so that things do not look so dead.

The train track marks the beginning of downtown. It is also the major cause of rush hour in Flagstaff. Unlike the annoyed drivers though, I still love watching the train roll by. Fun fact: the trains that come through Flagstaff carry a lot of hazardous materials, so the second disaster threat to Flagstaff (behind forest fire) is the train derailing and spilling what ever it is carrying.

 So my favorite place in Flagstaff is this place: Wheeler Park. I do not know what is so special about it, but I always found myself coming to it last year. Something about the peacefulness and nature. It is so beautiful and there is normally something going on. Yesterday it was pretty dead looking but there were some people throwing around a Frisbee which was fun to watch since it was pretty muddy.  

On my way back to my apartment I saw Sugar Mamas bakery coming into view. It has always looked so cute but has never been opened when I walked by. Of course I had to take advantage of it being open, and it was so yummy. I bought and devoured a salted caramel and almond brownie and a couple of these poppy seed shortbread cookies with raspberry jam. So delicious!

Flagstaff is such a cute place. I enjoy so much about it!

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