Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nicaragua: A Review (part two)

My trip in Nicaragua was great! I learned so many things like how to maneuver around a market, how to navigate the many bus routes, how to accomplish all my school work so that I can spend the weekend away, and how to live on a budget. I also got to improve my Spanish, so I feel completely confident saying that I am a fluent Spanish speaker (although I do not know everything).  I got to see amazing things like monkeys in the wild and gorgeous beaches.

However, I also learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses. I am normally a very strong and independent person. I could not wait until the beginning of my freshmen year at college so that I could move away from home. I generally believe that its easier to do things myself because I know they will get done quickly and the right way (my way). Crying is reserved for church and funerals and even then its not guaranteed. I do not ask for help regardless of how useful it might be, and even my toughest, roughest days are usually masked behind a smile.

Nonetheless, being in Nicaragua all of that faded and I was exposed. I felt alone..... a lot, and the issues I had with my host family left me in tears on several days. I missed my family and friends. I missed being able to find all my favorite comfort foods and being able to just sit on a couch and watch a movie. I came to understand that I could be dependent and weak. I learned that I liked having someone to talk to, someone I felt I could open up to when I normally shut the world out.  I learned that I should rely on a support group made of family and friends, even if I am not geographically near them. I learned that that brave smile and head held high can make a difference in my day. I understood that feeling alone and upset and sensitive did not make me a weak person, it just made me human.

 Vulnerability  and loneliness are not my favorite feelings. Nicaragua made me come face to face with my weaknesses, but like I mentioned in part one, it also made me realize how much strength I do possess.

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