Saturday, February 2, 2013

Red Rocks Rock!

Almost exactly a year ago I traveled down to Sedona, Arizona to hike (read about it here.) Today, I did the same although I went on a different trail. Sedona is so gorgeous. It is famous for the red rock beauty that surrounds the touristy city. There are hundreds of different trails that bump into each other all over the place. I was just doing normal hiking, but our group also saw lots of mountain bikers.

I was debating whether to go or not this morning mainly because I had to get up at seven am! Maybe I have just been spoiled with school not starting until later, but seven on a Saturday was early. However, as I rolled out of bed, I knew it would be a great experience, and I was not wrong.
One of my roommates and I ready to start the hike.

The views from submarine rock are amazing. It was our destination and was so beautiful. The hike was pretty easy the entire way through. It would do uphill a bit and then go downhill, so we always switched up the muscles we were using. We saw all age groups and abilities on the trail, so everyone should give it a try!

I love the contrast of the red and green. Some areas had small patches of snow, which really added to the beauty.

This is a view from chicken point. Aww, everything was so gorgeous; I could not get over it. It was another fantastic day in Sedona.

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