Monday, February 25, 2013

Nicaragua: A Review (part one)

I just finished a study abroad meeting that focused on re-entry struggles to the U.S and "normal life". I got to meet some of the other students that went abroad last semester and hear about their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. The advisors asked us some basic questions about our trips and I realized that I had not taken much time to consider what my Nicaraguan experience means to me. Sure, I blogged about my fun weekend trips and some of the cultural differences, but the things I learned are really what is important. I hope, through these next few posts,  to recount what I learned so that I remember what truly happened in Nicaragua.

First, I learned that I can do it! I can survive without hot water. I can wash laundry without a washer or dryer. I can eat whatever is placed in front of me.  I can live surrounded by the unknown. I can communicate in new language. I can get through days, weeks, and even months where I feel completely alone. I can be pressed up against several people in one vehicle and not feel uncomfortable.  I can put on a brave face when people are calling out and harassing me. I can try new things like zumba dancing or tiste. I can be different both in physical appearance, mindset, and beliefs.  I can be me. I can do it. Anything I challenge myself to, I can do.

 And there is such power and strength in that statement.

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