Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nicaragua: A Review (part three)

As you may remember, I had some bad days with my host family (you can read about it here ). That post was about one month after I arrived in Nicaragua. Honestly, things never got better in the house. I would voice my opinion when the topic came up, but I felt inadequate trying to change my host mom. I thought many days that I should just pack up and leave. After all I could have requested a new home, and there would not have been a problem. Nonetheless, I stayed. I felt a sense of responsibility to the young children, especially when they were around the easily-angered older brother. I stepped in when I could, but I think many days I cried longer than the children did as I listened to what was going on (I really learned what they mean when they say children are quick to forgive.)

From living with that crazy host family, I developed a great love for my own family. I longed to return home and see them all. Visions of walking down the airport terminal and seeing my family excitedly waiting for me often played in my head. I was so grateful for them.

I also developed an appreciation for the way I was raised. No matter how many things I might claim my parents did wrong, the truth is they did a pretty great job. I was always shown kindness and respect, and regardless of all the stupid stuff I did, I  knew that they loved me and I always felt that love. I also was very grateful for my five sisters. Although we are all pretty goofy and have had our tiffs (one of my favorite words), I love them so much.

I guess sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until you pack up and head to Central America for a couple of months.

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  1. I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for these words. When you become a mother yourself you may then realize how special it is to hear your daughter say you did a "pretty great job" We love you so much and are honored to call you our daughter. Can't wait to see you this weekend! I love You. Mom