Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good Days Vs Bad Days

In transtiting to living Nica style, I notice that I have some bad days and some good days. Some days the children I live with are more bearable than other days; sometimes then food taste worse, sometimes better. Ocassionally, I am in a better mood and more optimistic, other times not.

Luckily for me the last couple of days have been good days. I made some friends and even got to watch a movie with one of them. I have been able to find peace in my chaotic home, and I have ended the busy days feeling satified and proud.

Maybe I am finally finishing this terrible adjustment process. I am loving the food, accepting the people, and pushing out of my mind the things that drive me crazy (like the cat calls). I will not lie, most days I am still reminded of how much easier things would be if I was home, but I am counting the blessings and opportunities that I am having here.

I am still not sure I am in love with everything Nicaragua, but I am accepting it! Things are looking up.

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