Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my 20th birthday woah!! It was the first birthday in many that I actually felt a little older. Maybe it is just because, I can no longer be a kid, preteen, teen, or adolescent. I am just 20, but hey thats still young.

My birthday was really relaxed. I treated it as a dia ferial and may have ditched out on class, but its my birthday. In the afternoon, Manfred and I went to Laguna Tiscapa. The actual laguna is being cleaned and can not be swam in, but if you climb up a small hill, there is a beautiful view of the city and a little park.

The views of the Laguna were great, btu when I turned around I got even better views of Lake Managua and the rest of the city. It was truly gorgeous.

At the top of the hill is also the large Sandino statue that looks over the city. I had seen it off in the distance many times, so I was excited to be right next to it! Look at how little he was haha. 

 Later that night, some of the other host moms and friends came over for some cake and to sing the traditional Nicaraguan birthday song. It was a blast!

 Here´s to the start of a new year!

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  1. Look at the glow from all the candles on your cake! That's exactly why I don't put candles on cakes anymore! Welcome to your 20s! I loved most of my 20s! I am glad you had a great day! Who's the little Sandino character, former president/dictator/local political leader? Thanks for the photos of beautiful you...and Nicaragua too!