Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Review

So this past weekend was pretty dull. The majority of the city bolted to San Juan Del Sur to enjoy Independence Day. However, to play it safe and avoid the drunk crowds, I stayed in Managua.

Although not much went on in the city, I did get to enjoy a LDS Spanish Primary Program. The children from one of the four stakes in Managua put on a little show to commerate Dia de Independencia. I witnessed some tradition dances, patriot songs, and even a renactment of a battle. The kids, although visibly nervous did a great job!

On Saturday, I went to the movies to see Paranorman. Going to the movies here is like the best thing ever. They are so cheap. The movie ticket was $3.00, popcorn $2.00 and skittles (my favorite) $1.00. The movie theater is just a short taxi ride away, so it makes for a great activity. I probably go to the movies at least every two weeks. I am definitely going to miss this when I go back to the states!

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