Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Review

So due to erupting volcanoes and earthquakes, I did not get to go to Leon on Sunday. One of the volcanoes is erupting 50% more than usual and some people are having to evacuate. This is considered a green alert, which is not terrible but worse than no alert. Needless to say, the trip had to be postponed. Another day perhaps.

I did, however, get to go to Super Sabado at the church. It was a blast! First, we divided into groups and  I got to test my scripture mastery knowledge. For those who do not know, LDS high school students are challenged to memorize 100 different scripture passages. For the game, we were given a few key words from each scripture and then had to come up with the reference. I was surprised at not only how much I rememebered from my high school days but also how well I did translating the scriptures from Spanish to English and back. In the end my team even won! I like to think I had something to do with that:)

Super Sabado ended with another LDS Party which was simular to the experience I had the weekend prior. However, I did get to learn a few more basic steps to a couple types of dances from my friend. I am definitely going to rope him into teaching me more!

Another highlight of this weekend was my trip to UNAN, the public university that is right next to my neighborhood. The muchacho, who is going to teach me to dance, studies there, so he showed my the highlights.

This is the view of the street from a bridge. All of the roofs to the left are little "restaurants" to eat at.

These are cyber cafes and convience stores. The neighborhood is full of them because many of the students live close. Very helpful to me because I do not have a computer!

In most of the hallways of UNAN large murals like this one are present. Gotta love Che.

Here are the university approved safety procedures for small earthquakes or "sismos" and fires or "ïncendios". Notice that it tells you not to use the fire extinguisher and the first rule is always to remain calm.

The far corner of the campus is occupied by the zoologico de UNAN. The university has undertaken to repopulate the iguana and turtle species of Nicaragua. I had never seen so many iguanas before!

This is the home for the young iguanas, I thought this was interesting until I saw the adults.
The adults' home is centered around a giant tree. The iguanas that sit in the higher parts of the trees are apparently more respected and powerful. 

There were several iguanas running around on the ground, so my friend threw a mango to them. Instantly four or five iguanas began attacking it, but then more and more kept coming.  We had no idea what was going on unto we saw this.....

 He is huge and strangley an orange color. I do not know if his color made him king or if being king makes him somehow orange. Definitely strange or in Spanish, Que Salvaje!

Soon all the iguanas had fled the tree following their leader. Apparently in the last minutes of bright sunshine, they descend to take in the light. We joked that they were praying because they were all in the same position and looking upward.

 My experiences this weekend were definitely something to remember. I had a great time!

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