Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Traveling Through Managua

For anyone interested in my current transportation:

Getting from place to place in Managua has been fairly easy thanks to the BUSES. El Mercado Oriental, Mercado Huembus, my school, the gym, and  the church are where I commonly am, and I can reach them all by bus. Two bus routes actually have stops right in front of my house, so that makes the situation even better. To get to school I walk about five minutes to the stop and then spend about 15 minutes on the bus followed by another 5 minute walk. Its quick, easy and most importantly super cheap. Every bus ride costs 2.5 cordobas or about 10 US cents. So the average school week I spend less than $2.50 on transportation.

The only downside to the buses is the amount of people. Although each bus has a clearly stated maximum capacity it is ALWAYS overlooked during rush hour. Many times my crammed bus has pulled up to a stop crowded with people and I think ''they can not possibly fit more people on this bus. These people will have to wait''. It never fails, however, that two people step off the bus and 15 more get on. Sweaty, smelly, and tired bodies pile in. Occassionally, especially around 7 am and 5 pm, people cling to the open doors of the buses sometimes with half their bodies hanging in the street. With all the crazy traffic and drivers in Managua, it is absurd and dangerous! Luckly, normally the men are generous enough to allow the women into the bus while they cling.

Besides the buses, there are, of cours,e taxis. I am constantly told to be cautious with the taxis, but so far I have not run into any problems. There are always those terrible stories, but for the most part the drivers are just looking for an honest way to make a living. Taxis, of course, cost more than the bus fare and the price is even more at night (the buses stop at 8:30 pm, so sometimes you must take a taxi), but normally it does not exceed 50 cordobas or $2.10. Plus a taxi is much faster and less crowded haha. I commonly use the taxi to go to the local mall and it normally only costs about 40 cordobas.

In Managua, buses and taxis are the only forms of public transportation, but they are very accessible.

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