Monday, September 3, 2012

LDS Nica Party

This past Friday I was excited to attend the Young Single Adults´ party hosted by my LDS stake. I ended up arriving an hour early (they told us the wrong time so that the Nicas would show up when they actually wanted to start haha), but it worked out because I got to practice the piano for a bit.

At seven oclock, the real party got started. At first everyone was sitting along the wall and chatting, while the DJ was trying to convince people to dance. Finally, a few girlfriends and I headed out the dance floor, and after a few moments of embarrassment, others followed. I felt awkward because, of course, the music was more Latin based and the casual dance step was salsa inspired. Luckily, thanks to those loca Zumba classes, I was not left completely clueless.However, I still struggled trying to tame my clearly American moves.

About twenty minutes into the night I was asked to dance! However, unlike the stake dances in Arizona where I would dance one song with someone, then say thank you and move onto the next person, I was excepted to dance with that one person FOREVER. At the end of the night, I was asked by three guys, but was dancing for the entire four hours! I had a great time and definitely improved my dancing abilities but was glad to stop moving/embarrassing myself when the party ended.

Another surprise was the music selection. In Mesa, Arizona because of the high Mormon population there are specific DJs that only play clean, fun music at the weekly dances. Here, with a smaller LDS community, my girlfriend was constantly having to run up to the DJ and ask him to play something less vulgar. We ended up giving him suggestion like the Macarana and Mumbo Number 5. He seemed caught off guard when some of the popular songs were asked to be changed, but he definitely got a hang of the music we wanted.

This dance party was another sign of how different things are down here in Nicaragua. However, I still had a great time and was glad to meet some amazing friends that share my same standards. Luckily, different does not always mean worse!

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