Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mercado Mishap

Well, against my liking I will be returning to Mercado Oriental this afternoon! I anticipate that my new Nica guide will be a little more considerate and not constantly running away. I am a little nervous, but am hopeful that I will find the perfectly cheap and small camera for my stay here. Then foto mania can begin! Wish me luck!

I have a great weekend ahead. Saturday is Super Saturday with the LDS Institute and Sunday I am going to Leon for sand boarding! Stay tuned.

Also if anyone has an idea for a post or wants to know about something specifically, just leave a comment. Maybe a description of foods, drinks, past times? Whatever, just let me know.

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  1. What's your day like down in Nicaragua? How much are you at school? How do you get around town? What do you do when you aren't in class or studying? What is the coolest thing that you have seen so far in Nicaragua? How's life south of the Tropic of Cancer? What's it like in the second largest city in Central America? Any unusual local wildlife or fruits and veggies?